About Us

Our Story

Before SELFiES, we dreamed of a joint we wouldn't have to put out, relight, or waste after a few puffs. Better yet, a convenient pack that would fit perfectly into our on-the-go lifestyles, without cramping our style. The idea formed: create the first functional, fashionable mini joint. 

SELFiES by Heshies launched in October 2017 in California. 

Our Mission

Life could use more fun sized moments. We believe that by presenting cannabis in a shareable, pocket-friendly format, we create more opportunities for you to spark joy & elevate everyday life. 

We have made the SELFiES packaging as loud & proud as we think everyone should feel while enjoying cannabis unapologetically. Go ahead and #shareSELFIES!

Our Founders

High from the San Francisco Bay: home to some of the best cannabis cultivators in America, and our parent company Heshies!

Heshies proudly produces cannabis products for specialty retailers and brands. SELFiES is the first brand created under the Heshies name, by founders Kristen & Chad Heschong.