Selfies by Heshies

Our Mission 😎

We believe that destigmatizing cannabis should be fun and social, and something to do proudly. That’s why we developed our bright packaging to unapologetically (and literally) shine a light on smoking, and married microdosing & flower to create a product that can be shared, gifted, and enjoyed in everyone’s lifestyle!

Warren Bobrow, Forbes

Cannabis Mini Pre-Rolls that Deeply Enlighten

Please don’t get me wrong. There is nothing more enjoyable than a nice fat joint at my disposal, but the Selfies are utterly efficient, just enough. They provide a microdose of really high quality cannabis. This is the kind that I like to smoke. The kind I want to write about, like the fine wine is what I like to drink.

Selfies by Heshies

Why We Roll

Sometimes a full joint is too much for a walk to the coffee shop or a smoke break during a vigorous hike. And no one likes storing & relighting a half-used, smelly joint just to save weed. That’s where SELFiES come in: perfectly portioned and portable pre-rolls for microdosing on the go.