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Strain Review:
Pineapple Burst 

Blogger & cannabis educator Mia Jane (@ms_mia_jane) 
taste tests our newest Crumble-Infused preroll.

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The first toke is always the tastiest and this crumble infused preroll of Pineapple Burst by SELFiES was no exception! When I first opened these mini joints, the aroma was very close to Pineapple and a bit minty. I couldn’t wait to spark up this new flavor. 🔥

First impressions

The initial inhale hit heavy with a tropical fruity flavor and freshly cut grass. 🌿  The next few hits left me tasting a bit of mango, a touch of guava, and a squeeze of lime. 🥭

Come up

Flavorful and potent as well (crumble-infused prerolls from SELFiES boast roughly 5-10% higher THC content than regular SELFiES), the effects were noticeable within a few minutes. ⏳


I went from being tense and stressed, to feeling focused, uplifted, and even light on my feet. This preroll of Pineapple Burst had me dancing to my favorite playlists and was a perfect midday motivation booster! 🍍

I would recommend this strain to anyone seeking a bit more bang for their buck when it comes to preroll flavor and potency. Friends who dab - or consume extracts - might find these crumble infusions to be the perfect way to finally get lifted with flower. 💪

Pineapple Burst is the 4th strain from SELFiES by Heshies Mini Prerolls, and the 1st of a new line of infused strains. It is available exclusively at MedMen stores (CA-only) for Labor Day Weekend. 🎈

Mia Jane resides in Los Angeles and can be reached at mia@miajane.co. Follow her on Instagram

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